Specializing in the Treatment of
Eating Disorders


  • Preoccupation with food, dieting or weight

  • Significant weight loss or gain

  • Distorted body image

  • Compensatory behaviors to control weight

    • Vomiting, laxative use, diet aids

  • Absence of menstruation in females

  • Loss of control leading to food binges

  • Food rituals

We offer a variety of treatment modalities to provide people with the assistance needed to address the struggles associated with overcoming food related difficulties.


Our approach toward treatment has been developed and refined during years of private practice and hospital experience in the care of people with eating disorders and their families. This is in conjunction with a critical examination of current treatment approaches and their efficacy. .

Embodied in a comprehensive program designed to address all the factors essential to the successful treatment of eating disorders our approach is:

  • Insight oriented to help clients identify problems and psycho emotional issues

  • Supportive in its emphasis on identifying and using client’s strengths

  • Behavioral in its use of assertiveness training techniques to help clients translate and establish insight into positive behavioral changes related to their eating disorders.

INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING Individual counseling is designed to identify and help each client learn to deal effectively with issues that underlie his or her eating disorder. The therapeutic process is used to help clients learn alternative ways of coping. The therapist works toward helping clients substitute positive behaviors for their dysfunctional eating responses. .

FAMILY COUNSELING Family counseling provides a supportive experience as therapist help relatives understand the disorder involved and its relation to them. They also learn how family members may be unintentionally supporting the client’s symptoms and ways they can respond most effectively to the client’s behavioral changes during and after therapy. .

GROUP COUNSELING Group counseling is a powerful approach used to help members recognize and deal with issues related to their eating disorders. Our groups provide members with the information, support and understanding needed to overcome their problem eating. We offer a number of highly specialized groups. .

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