Adolescents through various stages of development experience different life stressors. Issues of self esteem, poor or distorted body image, depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive issues, identity confusion, poor coping skills and lack of support, addictions, friendship/relationship issues, abuse, traumatic events and suicide are some topics that affect adolescents today. The Center is committed to help adolescents and families work through and overcome challenges.

Mean Girls

It has been reported in the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology that seventy percent (70%) of girls have been mistreated by their friends (Crick, 2002). Bullying is very real and is affecting the majority of girls earlier in age than ever before. Aggression among peer groups can be devastating and life changing for some girls. If proper steps to intervention are not taken, future challenges and stressors in life can occur. Early intervention, skill building, and self-esteem work are proven to help in girls who have been rejected and maltreated by peers.

Body Image Issues

Media and Societal Pressures





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